Other Women in Medicine

Gertrude Belle Elion was one of the first women in her time period to emerge into the field of science and medicine, not just in the U.S. but in the world. The following is a summary of other notable women in the same time period (early to mid 1900’s) across the world:


Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin (1910-1994) – A chemist from England, Hodgkin won the 1964 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for her work on vitamin B12.    She worked at  Oxford University, but was unable to attend faculty meetings on the grounds that she was a woman. She was one of the first people to use X-ray crystallography in her research. Hodgkin made great advances on the study of insulin and in advancing methods of X-ray analysis.

Chien Shiung-Wu (1912-1997) – A nuclear physicist from China, Shiung-Wu’s experimental research completely changed the scientific view of the behavior of nuclear particles. Her work won the 1957 Nobel Prize, but she did not share it. Shiung-Wu has an asteroid named after her.

Kamal J. Ranadive (b. 1917) – A research scientist from India, Ranadive introduced tissue culture technology into India. She has published over 200 research papers on cancer and leprosy, and co-founded the first Indian cancer research center.

Katsuko Saruhashi (b. 1920)- A Geologist/Chemist from Japan, she was the first woman member of Japan’s Science Council, and gathered evidence that persuaded the U. S. and the Soviet Union to give up above-ground nuclear testing. The Saruhashi Prize is given each year to a Japanese woman for her contributions to the natural sciences, and is named after her.

Source: Timeline of Historical Highlights (http://www.apa.org/science/wist/time-line.html)


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